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Your Trash is Collectors Treasure

Your Trash is Collectors Treasure is a principle in collection.  I started banknotes and coin collection in my 2nd level in elementary.  My eyes were captivated with the crispness of new banknotes and the shine and glitters of new coins.  It made me look deeper into its details and my ...

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Arabian Mission Historical Timeline

Arabian Mission Historical Timeline.   Here are the outline of events leading to the establishment of American Mission Hospital in the Middle East. In 1888 – at the Theological Seminary of the Dutch Reformed Church, John Lansing, teacher and his three students,  Samuel M. Zwemer, James Cantine and Philip T. Phelps ...

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Man spends 22 Years collecting phone cards

Man spends 22 Years collecting phone cards.   Sam McEwan first started collecting phone cards aged nine, when a school friend alerted them to him and he realized he liked the pictures on them. Now 22 years on, he has more than a 1,000 – estimated to be worth £1,000. ...

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