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Ancient City in Bahrain by Farooq Al Hamar

Model made by Clay and Cement for Textile Shop and Hawwaj Shop (Traditional Medicine)
Model of the Fort and Albrstei

Creativity in design and drawing make Farooq Al Hamar works unique and distinctive.  In the recently concluded exhibition at Bahrain International Circuit celebrating Bahrain 45th National Day pieces of arts commemorating old architecture in Bahrain were displayed by Capital Governorate Bahrain.

Model of an old house in Bahrain

According to Mr. Farooq Al Hamar “since childhood I was practicing drawing and composition.  I was working in the field of carpentry which gives me more experience in innovating old designs.  As i gained enough confidence i participated in several design competitions in Bahrain.  Among them was a memorial contest in 2002.  This contest exposed my artworks which brought my design and drawing to more people.  I have always been fascinated with the idea of reviving the ancient heritage and contemporary landmarks.  Thus all my models and pieces when put together brings out the ancient city in Bahrain”.

Mr Farooq, Models Designer works are displayed at his house and anyone interested to see the ancient city in Bahrain can contact him at faradlr@gmail.com.

Farooq Al Hamar and Hafedh Abdulghaffar at the Capital Governorate Bahrain Exhibits.

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