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Antiques in the Kitchen

Little did i know before writing this that Molds (or moulds, as it is also spelled) were popular during the Victorian Era, when dishes such as savory chicken raised pie, sherry-infused calf’s-feet jelly, and other sweet tasting dishes were all the rage.  This was how molds was first introduced into our homes.  Copper molds were the preference of affluent cooks; tin molds in shapes were found in poorer kitchens.(http://www.collectorsweekly.com/kitchen/molds) 

As i am usually busy in the kitchen, i found out that i have done some cooking using different shapes to design fruits and vegetables to make it appealing to children aside from the designs on cookies and cakes.   Instead of copper, i used tin moulds which are mostly available in the market. Classic shapes included animals like cats, leopard and beavers, as well as moons, stars and hearts. The molds typically consisted of one image sides that had been shaped.

Copper moulds are perhaps the most appealing to most collectors as i browse it over eBay  Note that when not in use, these beautifully shaped and stamped containers make wonderful decorative objects for our kitchen either in the shelf or just hung on a wall.  

Victorian Antique Copper / Tin Jelly Cake Dessert Mold Fluted Ring Design. Good Condition for it’s Age. The Measurements Are 6.25″ Diameter, 2.25″ High.

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