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The Beginning of Mobile Phone

First commercially available handheld cellular mobile phone.
This is the first cellphone.

The beginning of mobile phone goes back 40  years ago.  A LOT can happen in 40 years. But when it comes to technology, 40-years is like going back to the days of Moses or the Roman Empire. Taking the case of the mobile phone –– and, more recently, the rise of mobile internet communications, social networks and super-fast internet. But what were the phones that made it happen; who were the pioneering brands that made today’s handsets possible; and which phone, out of the thousands launched since the 1980s, was the most important? Answer: quite a few.

But first: a history lesson.

The world’s first mobile phone call was made on April 3, 1973, when Martin Cooper, a senior engineer at Motorola, called a rival telecommunications company and informed them he was speaking via a mobile phone. The phone Cooper used, if you could call it that, weighed a staggering 1.1kg and measured in at 228.6x127x44.4mm. With this prototype device, you got 30 minutes of talk-time and it took around 10 hours to charge.

In 1983, Motorola released its first commercial mobile phone, known as the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X. The handset offered 30 minutes of talk-time, six hours standby, and could store 30 phone numbers. It also cost £2639 ($3995).

In the very early days of the mobile space handsets weren’t designed with consumers in mind. You’d need a couple of thousand dollars to get hold of one, and even then performance wasn’t great. Back then, mobile phones were designed for multi millionaire businessmen in mind, businessmen-types that drove luxury vehicles and flew in their own airplanes. Not your average people like you and me.

Nokia Mobile phones was one of the first handset before iPhone and Samsung.

 Here are some Mobile Phone facts:

Here is a selection of facts,  about mobile phones that show just how much the world has changed since the early days of mobile communication:

  • In 1983, the first mobile phones went on sale in the U.S. at almost $4,000 each.
  • Over 250 million Nokia 1100 devices were sold, making it the bestselling electrical gadget in history.
  • More People In The World Have Mobile Phones Than Toilets.
  • So many Facebook photos and videos are uploaded via mobile that it takes up 27% of upstream web traffic.
  • The technology behind smartphones relies on up to 250,000 separate patents.
  • The average person unlocks his or her smartphone 110 times each day.

Our world of communication has changed so much after the mobile phone became part of our daily life.  We have less face to face interaction and information dissemination became easier. Whether the influx of mobile phone has great advantage vs disadvantage is up to you.

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