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Bottle Collection, Genie in a Bottle?

Rare Dr Leroys Mixture Iron Pontil Antique bottle

Bottle collection is akin to “Genie in a bottle” an old fairytale story.  As a child i used to rub the old bottles i found from my grandmothers storage hoping to let out the Genie and grant my wish.  After a series of disappointing attempts, i lost interest in keeping old bottles.

Soft drink Bottle Collection at home.

I was not born to be a collector but i married one and he collects old soft drink bottles.  No, i never tried letting the Genie out from any of his collections; i have grown out of this story and most of what we have at home were soft drink bottles and Genies does not like sweets 🙂  Let me move on to bottle collectors around the world and why are they interested in this?  I asked. And below are information from CW Collectors Weekly.  You may also check out there website on www.Collectors Weekly.com for further reading.

Antique 19th and early 20th century bottles have long attracted collectors, due to their beautiful shapes and colors, historical interest, and availability to anyone willing to do some sleuthing and some digging. 

The rarest and most prized bottles include mouth-blown (as opposed to machine made) bottles from the 1800s, especially those in interesting shapes (e.g. figural bitters), with dire warnings (e.g. medicine or poison bottles) or other interesting embossings. Collectors often seek pontilmarks and rare colors, and of course, condition is paramount.

There are in fact dozens of categories of collectible bottles, including milk bottlessoda bottlesbeer bottlesflasksink bottlesperfume bottlesfruit (Mason) jars and Ball jarsliquor bottlessnuff bottles… the list goes on.

Many collectors also focus on specific brands or regions (e.g. the West), or bottles that were used in certain venues (e.g. pharmacy). 

I now understand that the “Genie in a bottle” is the price attached to the bottle in your collection.  Why not start your bottle collection now.

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