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Fidjeri, Bahrain Songs of Pearl Divers

Fidjeri, Bahrain Songs of Pearl Divers was a huge part of Bahrain history.  Bahrain, prior to the discovery of oil in 1932, most of the laborers worked on jobs relating to the sea: as shipbuilders, sailors, fishermen, and pearl divers.  The pearl divers are known for practicing what is considered Fidjeri Bahrain’s most original and ...

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2016 Taipei Intl Stamps Exhibit

Saudi Arabia Philathelic Society announced its members who are joining the Amateur stamps category at the Taipei International Stamps Exhibition.  The 6 members are the following: 1)  Ahmad Al-Kilany 2) Mohammed Kamal Safdar     3)  Murooj Mohamed  4)  Mubarak Al-Qahtani  5)  Fatima Saibaih and  6) Abdul-Majeed Kateb  The International exhibition ...

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