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Ancient City in Bahrain by Farooq Al Hamar

Creativity in design and drawing make Farooq Al Hamar works unique and distinctive.  In the recently concluded exhibition at Bahrain International Circuit celebrating Bahrain 45th National Day pieces of arts commemorating old architecture in Bahrain were displayed by Capital Governorate Bahrain. According to Mr. Farooq Al Hamar “since childhood I was practicing drawing ...

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A Collector of the History of Philippines

Recently a leading Filipino Magazine in the Middle East,  Filipino Life interviewed Antique Chief Editor, Hafedh Abdulghaffar.  Being married to a Filipina and having visited the Philippines a number of times he became fascinated with its history thus added to his collections stamps, coins, paper money, phone cards and other documents ...

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Breathtaking Antique Clock Collection

Admired the breathtaking antique clock collection of Dutch owner of a hotel we have just stayed in.  Because of this huge number of clocks decorating the hotel lobby i went to Google to know more about clocks. While i was growing ,  i think of antique clocks and it comes ...

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Antique Magazine Editor visits Bu Zabbon Museum

A group of collectors and antique lovers including Antique Bahrain Editor, Hafedh Abdulghaffar visited the museum of Abdelaziz Bu Zabbon located in Busaiten, Kingdom of Bahrain.  Bu Zabbon showed them his collection which includes rare pieces of Bahrain old life and heritage.                 ...

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