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Fidjeri, Bahrain Songs of Pearl Divers

Fidjeri, Bahrain Songs of Pearl Divers was a huge part of Bahrain history.  Bahrain, prior to the discovery of oil in 1932, most of the laborers worked on jobs relating to the sea: as shipbuilders, sailors, fishermen, and pearl divers.  The pearl divers are known for practicing what is considered Fidjeri Bahrain’s most original and characteristic musical genre, fidjeri, or “sea music.” These songs, consisting of an all-male chorus and solo singer with minimal percussion, often accompanied specific and common actions, like rowing, setting sails, and pulling up the anchor.   (www.folkways.si.edu/bahrain).  

Fidjeri, Bahrain and Grain of Sand Project

And lately fidjeri Bahrain was reintroduced by Grain of Sand producer Jason Carter, who is known to build bridges through music, for him music is a powerful platform for intercultural dialogue.  Project – ‘A Grain Of Sand’ is about Embracing Cultural Identity and Harnessing the Music of the Pearl Divers of the Arabian Gulf. His first stop, Bahrain thereafter he will move to other parts of the Arabian Gulf.   Jason’s journey started 1999 in Muharraq, Bahrain with Bahraini pearl divers, a time when not many people heard  of Bahrain or Dubai.  And now the cities of the Gulf are known for its towering buildings and booming economy,  beneath the rapid growth of commercialism lies a strong musical heritage which is vocalised through the stories and music of the pearl divers. 

Pearl Diving is considered to be a very hard job as the divers are not sure when or if they can return home. Their songs reflects their lifestyle like repairing the boats, leaving loved ones behind and how vulnerable they are at sea, said Jason.

To support Fidjeri, Bahrain Songs of Pearl Divers  Jason is very excited to announce  that the  concert for “Grain of Sand Concert” will take place on Friday the 3rd February at la Fontaine Arts Centre, Manama, Bahrain.

Jason Carter – Harp Guitar

Ahmed Ali Ghanem – Flute

Musicians from Dar Burshaid & Shabab Al Hidd.

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