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The Hellenistic Period in Gulf Region

Alexander the Great

There are few important points that we need to look into during the Hellenistic Period in the Gulf Region (South Mesopotamia) that has been highlighted during “Hellenistic Gulf” Book presentation at the Bahrain History and Archaeological Society by author Dr. Andrias Parapas.

  • The colonial and naval dominion of the Macedonians in the Gulf stated with Alexander the Great and extending all throughout the Hellenistic period (324 BC – 64 BC)
  • The network of foundations built by the Seleucids, Alexander’s successors in the Gulf,  combined with naval and military settlements in order to achieve geopolitical, commercial and maritime dominion.
  • Examination of all the available evidence that points out the existence of a “Hellenistic Gulf


Alexander’s Plan for Naval dominion in the Gulf:

  •  Built a harbour at Babylon
  • Constructed warship and transported them from Phoenicia to Babylon.
  • Created the Babylonian War fleet to invade Arabia.
  • He founded Alexandria on the Euphrates and a port at the top of the Gulf Alexandria on the Tigris.
  • He sent naval expeditions to inspect the Gulf ( Nearchos, Archias, Androsthenes, Hieron)
  • He sent Anaxicrates from Egypt to circumnavigate the Arabian Peninsula, tried and reach the Gulf.
  • With his death all his plans were temporarily abandoned.

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