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The Beginning of Mobile Phone

The beginning of mobile phone goes back 40  years ago.  A LOT can happen in 40 years. But when it comes to technology, 40-years is like going back to the days of Moses or the Roman Empire. Taking the case of the mobile phone –– and, more recently, the rise of ...

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The Possibilities of Tin Cans Collection

The possibilities of Tin Cans collection has become widespread.  Neither tin cans from cookies (oatmeal and honey or chocolate chip), nuts, milk, chemicals and cleaning agents  are particularly special, but they do come in nicely solid tins. At a time when most food packaging is cheap and throwaway; many companies has ...

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Toy Car Collection, One of the Worlds Largest.

Collection of Toy Car is one of the many favourite hobby of boys in my family.  It started with Matchbox and Hot Wheels which are not expensive but got very good miniature pieces of the real ones.  My son has started his toy car collection since he was 3 years ...

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