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The Possibilities of Tin Cans Collection

Dutch, British, Ottoman and other tin can collection
Tin Cans as Containers

The possibilities of Tin Cans collection has become widespread.  Neither tin cans from cookies (oatmeal and honey or chocolate chip), nuts, milk, chemicals and cleaning agents  are particularly special, but they do come in nicely solid tins. At a time when most food packaging is cheap and throwaway; many companies has designed its tins for people to take home and use again.  And they do. People use the tins for keeping coins, pens, stapler, scissors, clips, pins, bangles, earrings, pendants, eatables, plant pot, nails, collections and for decorations.  Some of people have used tins cans as a travel jewel box.”

Biscuits Tin Can with Design

Inspiring this trends and the reason why they resonate, are the memories most of us have of tins being hoarded and reused when we were growing up. We might store provisions today in rows of identical PET containers, but we remember kitchens lined with tins of different shapes and sizes, which actually made it easier to remember which items were in what. Tin cans were rarely discarded after their original contents were used, but were washed and kept for multiple uses.  (The Times of India Blogs)

Tins Can for Biscuits

Tin cans became mass market when the Industrial Revolution made biscuits one of the first industrially made food products. Biscuits and cookies are durable and are packed in boxes but one common problem is fragility but this was solved by packing them in large boxes made of the tinplate being rolled out by new factories, and dispatching them through new, smooth-running transport systems like canals and railways, or overseas through air or sea cargoes to expanded new market.

Most recently tin cans which are used to package biscuits, cookies and milk  were developed to resemble bus, cameras, carry bags, heart-shaped and many other interesting and decorative shaped.  Outside images and design have also become more artistic and authentic.

This Tin Can Collection is Very Scarce. Fiendoil Oil Base Inhibitor 2-1/4 Oz. Tin Lead Spout for Guns Firearms. This is now price at USD147.50 in Ebay

Collectors have also added tin cans in their collection due to the variety of design, shapes and artistic application in each.  Decorating a restaurant or a shop with tin cans brings out antique and historic feeling of the place. Not only that, some tin cans are considered as valuable due to design, rarity and antiquity.  Indeed,  there are many possibilities of tin can collection.


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