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Remember RMS Titanic 1912

Banknotes found in Titanic
Newspaper Headlines after the Titanic Disaster, 1912

Remember RMS Titanic 1912.  Like many people i’ve watched the movie “Titanic” and remembered the character portrayed  by Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet.  I knew were fictional and had no connection to “Titanic” history.  The movie’s love story was also fiction but it moved the audience to look into the history of RMS Titanic.

It was said that RMS Titanic was the world’s largest passenger ship when it entered service. On the day it set sail people from all walks of life came to witness its graceful exit from the harbour to the ocean. It was history on its own.  The ship’s interiors were closely inspired by those at the Ritz hotel in London.  It was about luxury beyond imagination and extravagance only for first class passengers.  Clearly articulating prejudice between people class when it sailed.  The impact of its first sail and the tragedy echoed down the ages.

Emergency boats that saved lives, Titanic 1912
Emergency boats were not enough to saved lives, Titanic 1912


We remember RMS Titanic 1912 disaster was a great loss to life at that time, it had dramatically changed sea travel around the world and in our modern world the movie by James Cameron’s 1997 effort is undoubtedly the most successful – it has grossed more than $2bn and won 11 Oscars

First Class Lounge of Titanic, 1912
First Class Lounge of Titanic, 1912

Clearly events in the past influence the present as we Remember RMS Titanic 1912.




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