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How i started Plastic Card Collection

How i started Plastic Card Collection?  Since most people we know as a couple knew that my husband is an antique collector and a passionate journalist they usual ask me if i am a collector myself.  Well, among the variety of collections we have at home mine wouldn’t have matter f i will not push myself forward and show it to people.  Of course it pales beside other interesting collections of my husband.

Analisa Hasan, English Editor showing her plastic cards collection

💃 Today i unveil my collection😁.  My collection are all given by friends or considered to be without value after use and when i showed them to visitors at home they have the same comments with smiles on their faces “I threw them away thinking they don’t have value”  well, to me they have.  I used to work in the hotel industry here and abroad thus i have a lot of keycards (not shown here as they represent companies i worked with).😃


My Plastic Card Collection

Some of the plastic cards.

My plastic card collection started 15 years ago when they changed hotel room hard keys to keycards,  membership cards,  credit cards of family members, telephone call cards, point cards, etc.  all are used and deactivated.   I filed them according to type.  Whenever i look at them it brought back memories of travels and work (for hotel cards).  Some cards get pictures of famous cartoon characters or made specially for the company.  I also like looking at the details of the logo and colour combinations used by different companies to attract people to membership.  To date i have more than a thousand cards in my personal plastic card collection.  Though it may not have a lot of value but i know that it is interesting and a good conversation topic.

Collecting is easy and inexpensive after all.  You just need to decide what subject you want to collect and start right away


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