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Each Owns a Brush, Holiday Story about Maria Leon

“I met Maria in one of the Christmas Holiday Bazaar’s in Bahrain and from that time on I love her creativity.” said Lisa Hasan, Antique Magazine English Editor.

Each Owns a Brush is a holiday story about Maria Leon who has started making decorative handmade items since she was in grade school. She remembered making scrapbooks made from glossy magazines, cutting pictures and texts and piecing them together.  She had always loved making beautiful crafts but back then in the Philippines there were limited art materials available in the market. Her mother is influential to her creativity as she would always save and keep anything that can still be recycled and made something out of that scrap instead of throwing it away. Her sister a grade school teacher usually come home with her school projects and Maria would hang around and helped her worked on it. Whenever she  find something in the shop with a price that doesn’t give justice to the product it made her think that she can do the same, with the same material and same look but less expensive.  She is still doing it except that usually she comes up with a better piece or something different.

Decorative Candle Using Stamp Technique


Handprinted Water Kettle decorated with wooden twigs
Handmade bracelet and necklace in beads and decorative sequence.










“As a mother i want to preserved the projects made by my children in school when they were young.  I made it look like vintage to give it a timeless touch.  It’s made of textile scraps and laces and printed them in fabric to cover cushions.” 

She started doing something as a gift to friends and loved one’s.  She was already working when she thought making Christmas cards when the holiday season is approaching,  she would then sell her handmade Christmas cards to her friends and colleagues.

For the past three (3) consecutive years, she participated in The Awali Christmas Bazaar, The American Women’s Association Christmas Bazaar and St. Christopher’s Festive Fayre.

When she make a project, she would check first what materials are easily available then think of what she can do with it.  She would  look for something inspiring to jumpstart her project.  The funny thing is that she would usually start with a certain idea in her mind and would end up with something completely different.

Aside from her genes and talent, Maria attended art classes in Dubai and  Bahrain.  Most of the people she’d met and worked with were in arts and crafts who greatly encouraged her to do what she is doing now.  They are her inspiration to be better.

As a stay-at home-mom and now with grown up kids she now has more free time to do other things aside from her crafts.  She is also into weight-lifting and Muay Thai. She finds time to catch up with friends whenever it’s possible but best of all she just love shopping for art materials! No wonder her home is so nicely decorated with her own and her family artworks.

“I have a very creative family and each owns a brush”

About the Editorimg_7230
Lisa Hasan, English Editor of Antique Magazine believes that art and creativity bridges people from every walk of life. While we had this short “chit-chat” Maria showed me her new creations using crochet. She maybe new in this subject but she has already created a few nice and wonderful crochet pieces. She has beautiful hands that can do a great deal what her creative mind sets herself into. For this holiday season  i am wishing you and all the Maria’s out there more success in your passion for crafts.
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