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Fidjeri, Bahrain Songs of Pearl Divers

Fidjeri, Bahrain Songs of Pearl Divers was a huge part of Bahrain history.  Bahrain, prior to the discovery of oil in 1932, most of the laborers worked on jobs relating to the sea: as shipbuilders, sailors, fishermen, and pearl divers.  The pearl divers are known for practicing what is considered Fidjeri Bahrain’s most original and ...

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1931 Notice on Artificial Pearls

Japan produced artificial pearls in the late 1920s /early 1930s. Bahrain people were then depending on pearl diving and that artificial pearls would have bad impact on Bahraini natural pearls.  So, Bahrain government issued an announcement in 1931 preventing import of artificial pearls.  Artificial pearls are still not allowed in ...

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