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Your Trash is Collectors Treasure

Your Trash is Collectors Treasure is a principle in collection.  I started banknotes and coin collection in my 2nd level in elementary.  My eyes were captivated with the crispness of new banknotes and the shine and glitters of new coins.  It made me look deeper into its details and my ...

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Fidjeri, Bahrain Songs of Pearl Divers

Fidjeri, Bahrain Songs of Pearl Divers was a huge part of Bahrain history.  Bahrain, prior to the discovery of oil in 1932, most of the laborers worked on jobs relating to the sea: as shipbuilders, sailors, fishermen, and pearl divers.  The pearl divers are known for practicing what is considered Fidjeri Bahrain’s most original and ...

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Rajab Alhadramy

Rajab Alhadramy started as  humble vegetable seller at Muharraq market who gained fame and respect from his customers and other market-goers.  Through the years he has become a landmark at Muharraq market.

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