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Your Trash is Collectors Treasure

Your Trash is Collectors Treasure is a principle in collection.  I started banknotes and coin collection in my 2nd level in elementary.  My eyes were captivated with the crispness of new banknotes and the shine and glitters of new coins.  It made me look deeper into its details and my young mind wondered what is the future of the old uncirculated banknotes and coins.

I started saving my daily school allowances and walk from Muharraq to Manama Souq to visit shops of Money changers. I gladly exchange my new bills and coins to old ones whenever i have a chance to do it. Slowly my collections increase and each pieces brings about pride and hunger on knowing each history.

Banknotes and coins are collections that brings about knowledge in politics, government and current events.  One reason i browse through daily news is to check if there are any banknotes and coins that will soon loss it s value in the market.  And if i heard of one immediately i grab the chance to collect more of the old ones and count the days when the new banknotes or coins will be released to get fresh and crispy uncirculated packs.

Coin collections in particular can easily be started.  Whenever you have coins return from stores you can slowly go over it and check for details.  You maybe lucky to find errors and start collecting.  You may begin by putting it in a small container.  Whenever you or anyone of your friends travels let them know you have a new hobby.  Most often their trash is a collectors treasure.




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